On the Living Earth Farm, we not only produce the best Compost in KZN, but we grow the finest quality Instant Lawn too. This instant lawn is grown with the aid of a unique growing medium designed to improve the rooting and water retention of our sods.



Berea Shade is also known as LM grass. It is an indigenous semi-shade lawn with a medium coarse textured broad leaf. It is a creeping grass and is a lighter shade of green than most lawns. It is not ideal for heavy traffic areas. Very good all round lawn as it can grow in both semi shade and direct sun.



A coarse textured, bluish-green creeping grass with mild shade tolerance. When kept long it enjoys dappled sunlight, but will not grow in total shade. Buffalo requires less water and less mowing. Being indigenous it is also less susceptible to fungus diseases. Buffalo is less invasive and when it thickens into a healthy lawn weeds are strangled. It needs a good soil preparation before laying.



A fine textured creeping grass. Requires a fair amount of sun but does not like extreme heat. To keep the lawn at its best during hot summer months, you will need to water it more than other varieties. This variety is the best at withstanding foot and even some vehicle traffic. When well fed and maintained, it is an extremely attractive variety.


Collection by client.
Our DIY orientated customers can collect the grass from the farm (only by appointment). A one ton bakkie can load approximately 30 m² of grass

Deliver to clients property.
We also offer a convenient delivery service.

Delivery and installation.
Living Earths well-trained installation teams can install the lawn on a site prepared by the client.

Delivery and installation with site preparation and compost.
A full turnkey service can be provided with site preparation, the application of compost and installation of the lawn – all according to each clients requirements.