Just to let you know that Jerry has had so many compliments regarding his lawn that you should take a bow. Even the microlight pilot said it is the greenest grass in Sheffield!
best regards.”Janet Alexander

“I have consulted in Germany, New Zealand and South Africa. There are so many poor quality composts around which should not be called compost. I was so pleased to discover Living Earth compost producers on the North Coast. Living Earth compost is as good as it gets.”

Michael Hickman, Ecosystems Management, Turf expert www.ecoman.co.za

“Dear Louise and all of Living Earth. Thanks again for the fabulous, efficient service – you guys rock!!”

Heather and Rob, Sheffield

“Eco Balance Landscapes cc has been using Living Earth Compost for the last few years. We just love this compost.
Our gardens thrive using Living Earth Compost. We find that the quality is very consistent which gives us great confidence in using it on every occasion. We love the fact that it is full of microbes and that the nutrient levels are so high.
I class Living Earth Compost as a premium product and would recommend its use to every gardener.”Tracey Riley – Eco Balance

“I would like to personally thank you and your staff for the outstanding service we have received. It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to deal with a company that is so accommodating, has a great attitude and always exceeds our expectations.
The standard of your compost / top dressing as well as your grass is of the highest quality and has really impressed our clientele.
Well done on your achievements thus far.”Thierry Leclezio  – JKS Irrigation

“In haste, but from the heart…………
When I take a handful of Living Earth Compost, bring it close to my nose………and breath in……… I am transported back to playing in the understorey of the mistbelt forests where I grew up, and my gardening fingers itch to plant something. The energy that goes into preparing this compost is also reflected in the beautiful green instant lawns and excellent service I have grown to rely on, to please my customers too.”Jane Bertram  – Indigidiverse

“I can’t believe the difference the lawn has made…. I feel like I am in a totally different house, with a beautiful new garden!! We wonder now why we waited so long to do it but I am glad that we found the best company in the end! Grant and Louise, you have been nothing but helpful, friendly and highly professional and I would recommend you to anyone looking for instant lawn or compost!”

Sarah Reeves

“The SA consumer is not used to getting good, honest, efficient service like this. What a pleasant experience”

Brenda Bowers

“Your team was amazing and polite. They transformed my garden beautifully”

Pamela Naicker